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Legacy Planet Limited provides comprehensive event production services for all types of events from life on-stage productions to corporate product launches, including digital design, app development, and grand format printed media. We are dreamers, creators, and innovators that specialize in the fantastic and unexpected. We love to tell a great story that captures the imagination of your audience and connects them with your brand or message.

We offer creative event production services for any occasion from corporate product launches, live fund-raising events, political conventions, conferences, and a host of other corporate and live events. We do it all from selecting and securing the venue, building and land surveys with environmental issues in mind, pre-production, creative design, floor plans, drawings created in CAD, managing all labor including any labor union issues, and all cleanup and return of any rented materials.

We provide complete project management that fits with your schedule and your budget while connecting audiences with your message. We work with you to develop the best options and provide detailed budget reconciliations after each event.

While we link people to your message, we provide entire project management that suits your time and budget. We work with you to establish the finest possible solutions and to offer budgets after each event.

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