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Take Your Health Seriously, Motivational Speaker Too Dey Rest

Take Your Health Seriously, Motivational Speaker Too Dey Rest


Health is the state of being free from illness, I thought that I would lose my life for a moment, so much pain going through my body my health was deteriorating.

At some point I can’t even feel any part of me existing anymore, I started praying for the grace to make it to heaven  If at all I die.

The Nurse came into my ward to check my temperature and blood pressure, She shook her head, that alone scared me so much, I asked the nurse What was going on, she said I should not worry I’ll be fine and if not, God will help me.

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Damn!!! I was terrified and confused For two weeks I Could not touch My phone, no WhatsApp messages or calls not because I don’t want to but i don’t even have the strength to handle my phone or the laptop to work, I forgot about the client, money meant nothing to me, at that point, all I wanted was my life back on track.

I never believed that there will be a day that my phone will be Scary for me to pick up and respond to any calls or messages, I wanted my life back, nothing matters to me. I was having chronic ulcers, bleeding Internally, couldn’t eat, and survived through drips daily.

I began to think I wish I had my life, more seriously I wish I  could just live, and I promised not to Joke with my health again.

Many of us Focus on making it in life, concentrating on what motivational speakers told you that sleep is for the weak.

It’s time you spent more time with your health, pay more attention to it, when you need to sleep please do,  When you are healthy, you are more active and creative than when your get body isn’t functioning well. take time to sleep for at least 5hours, drink a lot of water, eat good food, don’t replace food with Snacks, or energy drinks, it will tell on you sooner or later. Life is more important, without life every other thing is meaningless.

Work Hard, Play Harder. Problem no dey finish…



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